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5-26: Time’s Arrow, Part I

When Data’s head is discovered with 19th-century relics on Earth, further investigation unveils dangerous aliens in Earth’s distant past.

38 images

5-08: Unification, Part II

Picard and Data assist Spock on Romulus, who is working to reunify the Vulcans and Romulans.

28 images

5-19: First Duty

The investigation into a fatal accident at Starfleet Academy puts Wesley Crusher’s future in jeopardy.

98 images

5-07: Unification, Part I

Investigating reported sightings of Spock on Romulus, the Enterprise discovers a secret faction of Romulans who desire reunification with their Vulcan ancestors.

33 images

5-23: I, Borg

The Enterprise rescues a Borg drone who's been cutoff from the Collective.

25 images