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1-04: Code of Honor

An alien leader choose Yar as his wife.

23 images

1-05: The Last Outpost

During pursuit of a Ferengi ship, both ships are rendered powerless by an unknown force.

52 images

1-01/02: Encounter at Farpoint (Parts 1 & 2)

On its maiden voyage to explore a new trade station, the crew of the Enterprise-D are delayed by an omnipotent being who views humans as inferior and non-worthy of space exploration.

79 images

1-06: Where No One Has Gone Before

When engine tests fling the Enterprise to the far reaches of the universe, the crew must rely on a mystifying alien to return them home.

40 images

1-03: The Naked Now

In investigating the communications loss of the SS Tsiolkovsky, the Enterprise crew contracts an illness that leads to bizarre behavior.

29 images