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Portrayed By: Michael Dorn

Position/Role: Lieutenant

Affiliation/Role: Chief of Security/Tactical

Race: Klingon

Duration: Seasons 1-7, Movies, DS9

After his parents were killed in a Romulan massacre, Worf was raised by humans and became the first Klingon in Starfleet. He was promoted to Chief of Security in TNG's first season, following Tasha Yar's untimely death. Worf later leaves the Enterprise to join Deep Space Nine.

More Characters

Wesley Crusher

Wesley lost his father at a young age and was raised alone by his mother, Beverly Crusher. Both of his parents had been acquainted with Captain Picard long before Wesley came aboard the Enterprise. Extremely intelligent and dedicated, Wesley eventually gains a field commission of Ensign before leaving to attend Starfleet Academy.

Duration: Season 1-4, Seasons 5-7 (Recurring)

Beverly Crusher

The widowed Doctor Crusher juggles the responsibilities of raising her son alone while also serving as Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer. Crusher, along with her later husband, had been acquainted with Captain Picard long before joining its crew.

Deanna Troi

As half Betazoid, Troi's unique empathic abilities suit her well as ship's counselor.

Jean-Luc Picard

Born in La Barre, France, Picard is captain of the Federation flagship with a strong interest in archaeology.

Duration: Season 1-7, Movies

William T. Riker

The ambitious Commander Riker who aspires to make captain by 35 is the Enterprise's first officer.

Duration: Seasons 1-7, Movies