Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Set on a distant outpost at the crossroads of space, the diverse crew and inhabitants of Deep Space Nine tackle the challenges of war, religion, relationships, and politics.

Original Airdates: 1993-1999

About The Show

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the third incarnation in the franchise when it premiered in 1993, running concurrently with The Next... [READ MORE]


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine features the most diversified cast of characters of any Trek series. The Starfleet-Bajoran mixed station crew comprises of most of the...


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Season 1

The first season of DS9 contains a patchwork of highly fantastical, almost silly, episodes as the spin-off series struggles to find its identity. “Move Along...


Season 2

By the second season, Deep Space Nine had successfully developed its own identity. Its underlying plot and characters were well defined as the season concentrated heavily on developing its...


Season 3

The third season of Deep Space Nine follows a similar tone and storytelling as the second. Opening with The Dominion’s bold introduction – carried over from...


Season 4

The fourth season of Deep Space Nine marks a bold shift in tone and direction, with the arrival of Worf, a stronger emphasis on the Dominion threat, and a vivid...


Season 5

Slightly weaker than the preceding and succeeding seasons as a whole, Season 5 still delivers quality episodes. While The Dominion weighs heavily on everyone’s mind,...


Season 6

With Deep Space Nine – again operating as Terok Nor – lost to The Dominion-Cardassian alliance, Season Six opens with an audacious, grim story arc spanning six episodes that progresses the...


Season 7

On-par with the excellence of its predecessor, Season 7 opens with a collapsed wormhole, one of DS9’s most beloved characters dead, an escalating war, and Sisko on...