Star Trek: Voyager

Pulled 70,000 light years across the galaxy, the Starfleet-Maquis mixed crew of the U.S.S. Voyager transverse dangerous regions of space to find a way home.

Original Airdates: 1995-2001

About The Show

The fourth incarnation in the franchise, Star Trek: Voyager launched the UPN television network when it premiered on January 16,... [READ MORE]

Editor's Corner

As the series that introduced me to the franchise, Star Trek: Voyager will always hold a special place in my... [READ MORE]


Characters of Star Trek: Voyager consist mainly of the crew of U.S.S. Voyager, which comprises of a diverse group of integrated Starfleet-Maquis crewmen and several non-affiliated...


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Season 1

Launching the UPN television network with its premiere, the first season of Voyager heavily features conflicts with the integrated Maquis-Starfleet crew, along with many traditional stand-alone episodic plots. The...

Airdates: 1995

Season 2

There’s much similarity between the first two seasons of Voyager. Perhaps that’s largely due to the fact that the first few episodes were actually carry overs from...

Airdates: 1995-1996

Season 3

By Season 3, Star Trek: Voyager started to find its pulse, although it admittedly remained on life support for much of the season. The show’s overall...

Airdates: 1996-1997

Season 4

Widely regarded as Voyager’s best season, Season 4 opens with the exciting conclusion of “Scorpion,” which introduces us to a new character, Seven of Nine,...

Airdates: 1997-1998

Season 5

Voyager’s fifth season continues on the thrilling, bold new direction set in Season 4, producing what is arguably the second best season of the series...

Airdates: 1998-1999

Season 6

Season 6 connects Voyager with home for the first time while Janeway and Seven become foster parents to Borg children, a resentful Kes seeks revenge,...

Airdates: 1999-2000

Season 7

Voyager’s final season has a tone that’s warmer and more light-hearted than earlier seasons. Perhaps it’s derived from the crew’s more frequent contacts with home. The...

Airdates: 2000-2001