Star Trek: Enterprise

Set a century before the missions of Captain Kirk, this prequel series focuses on Earth's first deep space venture aboard the Enterprise, NX-01.

Original Airdates: 2001-2005

Editor's Corner

I realize that Enterprise has its haters. Personally, I really love the series and feel that it’s the closest representation in... [READ MORE]


The main characters of Star Trek: Enterprise are the crew of the namesake starship. The series also features a strong cast of recurring characters, namely Starfleet’s Admiral...

Season 1

The first season of Enterprise sees ship and crew tackle the new, unfamiliar experiences of deep space exploration. Inexperience and primitive technology are repeated conflicts. A shadowing...


Season 2

The second season of Enterprise continues on the same tone and course as the first, with mostly standalone episodes tackling Starfleet’s first deep space mission. Common to Trek,...


Season 3

A stark contrast to other seasons, Enterprise’s third season features a season-long story arc stemming from the second season cliffhanger. Desperate to stop an inevitable second attack on...


Season 4

Enterprise’s bold final season sees several multi-episode story arcs while establishing the foundation of what becomes the United Federation of Planets. The time-shattering season premiere...