Hell on Wheels

1: Hell on Wheels (Pilot)

Out to avenge his family's brutal murder, Civil War veteran Cullen Bohannon follows the construction of the transcontinental railroad in search of those responsible.

2: Immoral Mathematics

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5-05: Elixir of Life

Chang's fued with Tao climaxes as Cullen investigates the Swede's true intentions. In Laramie, a combative Maggie returns while Eva tends to Louise.

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Season 4

Inside the Mormon compound, Cullen adjusts to his new life while evading looming danger posed by Mr. Gundersen (The Swede), who has enchanted the Mormons into believing...

August 2-November 22, 2014


Hell on Wheels centers on the population of the town that follows the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. Characters include those directly employed by...

3-08: It Happened in Boston

Eva's decision to give up her baby infuriates Elam. Cullen and Durant partner to retrieve workers held at the Mormon fort. Past sins lead to...

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5-10: 61 Degrees

Against the wishes of Jim Strobridge, Cullen uses nitroglycerin to make strides. Meanwhile, the angry folks of Laramie seek justice against Durant.