Hell on Wheels

1: Hell on Wheels (Pilot)

Out to avenge his family's brutal murder, Civil War veteran Cullen Bohannon follows the construction of the transcontinental railroad in search of those responsible.

2: Immoral Mathematics

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Season 3

In the wake of another personal tragedy, a newly motivated Cullen steams forward to steal control of the Union Pacific Railroad following Durant’s fall from grace. Under threat of...

August 10 - October 5, 2013

5-03: White Justice

Chang deflects agnst from Irish laborers while the Swede continues molding young Phineas.

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A railroad laborer and former slave, Psalms is the hard-working friend of Elam Ferguson and serves a leader for the freed slaves working on the...

Duration: Seasons 1-5 (Recurring)

1-05: Bread and Circuses

Reverend Cole's long-lost daughter, Ruth, arrives in town as he and Joseph try to establish peace with the Cheyenne. Cullen and Elam fight out their...

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Season 2

Hell on Wheels really found its footing beginning with the second season. With the emphasis on Cullen’s personal vendetta set aside, Season Two builds on the relationships...

August 12 - October 7, 2012