B’Elanna Torres

Voyager’s Chief Engineer, B’Elanna Torres was first officer aboard the Maquis ship, serving directly beneath Chakotay. Hot-tempered and opinionated, Torres often clashes with other individuals.


First officer of Voyager, Chakotay joined the crew when his renegade Maquis ship was destroyed while saving the Ocampa from a Kazon attack. As leader of the Maquis crew, Chakotay is instrumental in aiding Captain Janeway in fusing the two crews together.

Usually even-tempered and cool-headed, Chakotay also isn’t afraid to stand up for what he perceives as right, often challenging Janeway in the process. It is this stern set of beliefs that forced Chakotay to desert Starfleet and join the Maquis – a rebel faction within the Federation.

Harry Kim

Fresh out of Starfleet, Harry Kim is eager to begin deep space exploration when he joins Voyager’s crew as Chief of Operations. Despite his youth and inexperience, Kim is quickly established as a senior officer.

Kathryn Janeway

Fearless and dedicated, Captain Kathryn Janeway’s biggest objective is to return her ship and crew safely home. Adding to the obvious difficulties, Janeway faces the challenges of integrating a renegade Maquis crew into the ship’s compliment, along with several other alien additions along the way.

Committed to embracing Starfleet principles, Janeway is unyielding in continuing their mission to seek out new life and civilizations on their long journey home, making first contact with more new aliens since Captain James T. Kirk.


Rescued from the Kazon by Voyager and Neelix, Kes becomes an adviser and medic aboard Voyager. Kes is instrumental in giving The Doctor addition freedoms while improving his social skills. Living only 9 years, Kes observes all of the challenges of life in a short span. Kes possess unusual, and often understood, mental abilities and powers.


A Delta-quadrant native, Neelix joins the ship as cook and, later, ambassador while lending his expertise of the region.

Seven of Nine

Assimilated by The Borg at six years old, Seven of Nine is liberated from the Collective after spending 19 years as a drone. Upon joining the crew, the scarred and indifferent Seven of Nine struggles to regain her humanity. Unaccustomed to social and command structures, Seven often clashes with the crew while standing up against authority – Captain Janeway, in particular.

The Doctor

After Voyager’s entire medical team was killed in its maiden voyage, the ship’s Emergency Medical Hologram was activated as a replacement. Originally quite abrasive and bad-mannered, The Doctor works hard to develop his social skills while striving to gain recognition as an equal among the crew.

Tom Paris

Helmsman aboard Voyager, Tom Paris originally came aboard as an observer, recruited by Janeway from prison to help track down the renegade Maquis ship. Originally viewed as an immature trouble-maker, Paris eventually evolves to become one of the ship’s best crew members.


Janeway’s long-time trusted adviser, Lieutenant (later Lieutenant Commander) Tuvok is Chief of Security aboard Voyager and second officer. Vulcan through-and-through, Tuvok applies logic and discipline aboard the ship. Tuvok’s relationship with the Maquis, Chakotay in particular, is abrasive after having been placed aboard their ship as a spy.