6-25: Timescape

Upon returning from a conference, Picard, LaForge, Troi, and Data discover the Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird mysteriously frozen in time.

6-26: The Descent, Part I

As Data exhibits unusual angery behavior, an investigation into repeated Borg attacks leads the Enterprise to a shocking discovery.

7-03: Interface

While Geordi interfaces with a probe to explore a disabled ship, he’s preoccupied with his mother’s disappearance.

7-04: Gambit, Part I

Believed dead, Picard is abducted by a mercenary ship and forced to join its crew.

7-12: The Pegasus

Riker’s loyalties are tested while the Enterprise searches for his former ship, the U.S.S Pegasus, which holds a deeply-buried secret with far-reaching consequences.

7-17: Masks

Upon discovering an ancient comet, Data is influenced by an ancient alien culture while the Enterprise is consumed by artifacts.