Season 1

Original Airdates: 1993

The first season of DS9 contains a patchwork of highly fantastical, almost silly, episodes as the spin-off series struggles to find its identity. “Move Along Home,” “Dramatis Personae,” and “If Wishes Were Horses” are just some examples of these whimsical tales.

While the premiere episode did well to introduce the premise and characters of the show, it was rather weak overall with limited action and a drawn-out first glimpse at the Prophets.

There are a few standout episodes in Season One. “Duet” and “In The Hands of the Prophets” are exceptional, with the latter introducing Winn and Bareil while setting a new direction for the show. “Captive Pursuit” and “Progress” are also above-average quality. We also see great introductions by the Grand Nagus and begin to explore Odo’s roots in “Vortex.” Ties with the Next Generation are common, with appearances from Captain Picard, the Duras sisters, Lwaxana Troi, Q, and Vash. Breaking Bad fans may also rejoice at witnessing Jonathan Banks guest star in “Battle Lines.”

Despite its weak introduction, Deep Space Nine’s first season does bode better than The Next Generation or Voyager’s introductory seasons as a whole.