Season 7

Original Airdates: 1998-1999

On-par with the excellence of its predecessor, Season 7 opens with a collapsed wormhole, one of DS9’s most beloved characters dead, an escalating war, and Sisko on indefinite leave from Starfleet.

If one word defines Deep Space Nine’s final season, it’s war. After years, the Dominion conflict has climaxed, spanning nearly all of The Federation. The grim realities of war are deeply explored, most notably in “Siege of AR-558.”

Sisko’s mystical origins are revealed, forever tethering him to Bajor. Dukat’s obsession with the Pah-wraiths continues while Kai Winn’s lasting attempts at power pushes her into their grasp.

These seemingly unconnected events collide with the 9-episode series finale arc.