Season 6

Original Airdates: 1997-1998

With Deep Space Nine – again operating as Terok Nor – lost to The Dominion-Cardassian alliance, Season Six opens with an audacious, grim story arc spanning six episodes that progresses the series to new levels.

From this point onward, the show’s tone further darkens as The Dominion conflict casts an enduring shadow. Even hopes of euphoria are ultimately dashed when the marriage of Worf and Jadzia ends in tragedy.

Character evolution is discernible, especially from DS9’s growing network of supporting characters. In particular, Dukat’s character sees new levels of complexity when his long-lost daughter, whom he almost murdered, moves onto the station. Bashir’s career is put in jeopardy when his origins are revealed, while Kira discovers an unsettling truth to her mother’s disappearance. If there is one moment of optimism during season six, it comes from cupid’s arrow finally striking Odo and Kira.

As is common with Deep Space Nine, the season conclusion with a major cliffhanger. This time, it’s not the station lost, but the wormhole and one of DS9’s most beloved characters.

Despite its gloomy nature, Season 6 is one of Deep Space Nine’s best all-around seasons.