Season 5

Original Airdates: 1996-1997

Slightly weaker than the preceding and succeeding seasons as a whole, Season 5 still delivers quality episodes. While The Dominion weighs heavily on everyone’s mind, it is largely absent for much of the fifth season as Bajor and the Klingons become the primary propellant.

Sisko’s role as the Emissary becomes better expounded, corresponding with Kai Winn Adami’s increasing antagonism. Odo regains his “powers” while The Maquis encounter a dire conclusion. Leeta’s character evolves, as does her relationship with Rom. DS9 even crosses over into one of the most famous Original Series episodes to save Captain Kirk from an assassination.

Arguably one of the best season finales in television history, the season concludes with The Dominion-Cardassian alliance seizing control of Deep Space Nine.