Season 4

Original Airdates: 1995-1996

The fourth season of Deep Space Nine marks a bold shift in tone and direction, with the arrival of Worf, a stronger emphasis on the Dominion threat, and a vivid focus on the Klingons.

The season opens with a feature-length premiere that pits the Klingons and Federation against each other, presenting war between the two races for the first time in decades. As a result, Dukat’s relationship with the station becomes less adversarial – for the moment – while the Cardassians aid in the war against the Klingons. New dimensions are presented for this primary antagonist, with layers of comedy, humility, and love added to this highly complex character as he sees a fall from grace following the discovery of his half-Bajoran daughter.

The season introduces several recurring characters that will appear through the remainder of the show’s run, including Leeta, General Martok, Weyoun, Liquidator Brunt, and Sisko’s father.